Welcome! Don’t you think it’s time to rethink birth?

Whether you’re pregnant or a birth professional, you’ll find inspiration, support, and non-judgment as you rethink birth.

I offer classes and services in the Central Texas area of Killeen, Fort Hood, Copperas Cove and Austin.

I also offer digital courses and products + virtual support – anywhere on Earth!

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“Krystal has a great wealth of knowledge about birth, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and mothering in general.” ~ Kelli C.
“I love that Krystal’s not associated with any particular method or ideology. The best thing I took away was that *everything* is a choice.” ~ Amity A.
“I loved being able to be unapologetically crunchy with like minded parents…and share some great birth wisdom in Krystal’s class.” ~ Hannah N.

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I’ve mothered five children for over 17 years, attended many births, and have taught classes since 2011.

I offer conscious childbirth education classes that merge evidence-based research with holistic wellness, belief work, and emotional care.


If you’re facing a difficult time such as prior birth trauma or an impending loss – I hold you in my heart.

Are you having to give birth with care providers you don’t love, or in a setting where you’re less than comfortable?  I feel you, mama.

If you’re wanting to embrace your pregnancy as an opportunity for emotional and spiritual growth, let’s dive deep together.


Let’s get in touch, and I can help you sort out your feelings and take mindful action.

I can help you to find a place of inner confidence, peace, and joy in your birthing experience – no matter where or how it ends up happening.

I’m so glad you’re here!  Let’s rethink birth together & stay in touch, K?

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No matter where or how you give birth...
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